Giant Moth
The Giant Moth is a creature that appears in Resident Evil 2. This mutant insect was created by Umbrella as an experimental B.O.W. by infecting a gypsy moth with the T-virus. The insect's mutation resulted in disproportionate growth; while its wings grew to a great size, so did its thorax, which outgrew the wings and made the creature incapable of proper flight. As such, the giant moth could only lift itself a very short distance off the ground.

During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the giant moth escaped containment within the Umbrella laboratory beneath the city, building a nest for itself in one of the complex's computer rooms. From there, it would hunt for prey within the complex, using the air conditioning ducts to move about. The creature could spit poisonous fluids to incapacitate or kill prey.

See also: Infected moths

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