Gargoyles are stone statues and grotesques built into the architecture of certain buildings. In many forms of media, these sculptures are depicted as being capable of coming to life, whether through magic or possession by spirits or demons. Gargoyles are commonly depicted as appearing devilish or draconic, possessing horns and even wings. Even though they are made of stone, winged gargoyles are still capable of flight.

The exact characteristics of gargoyles can vary depending on the source, but they are regarded as being utterly territorial, standing guard over the structures they were made a part of and unable to leave these places. They may or may not be intelligent and are sometimes only brought to life by sorcerers as protectors.


The exact range of gargoyle powers can vary but include the following:-

  • Flight - Although made from heavy stone, gargoyles can still fly if they have wings. They cannot stray far from their buildings, however, or they may become inanimate again.
  • Endurance - Being made of stone, gargoyles cannot be wounded in the way other creatures can. This is, however, dependent on whether gargoyles turn to flesh when animated.
  • Petrification - In some fantasy-based games, gargoyles are capable of turning other beings into stone by touch. The petrification may also be slow, spreading like an infection from a wound inflicted by a gargoyle's claw.


  • Proximity - Gargoyles usually cannot leave their home structures. If a gargoyle ventures too far from its lair then it will either be compelled to turn back or it will return to its inanimate state.
  • Sunlight - Some stories describe gargoyles as being completely nocturnal and cannot move in the daylight, turning inanimate or perhaps even crumbling when exposed to the sun's rays.

Popular Culture Edit

Television Edit

  • Danica LeBlake dressed as a gargoyle in the What's New, Scooby-Doo? episode Ready to Scare.

Video GamesEdit

  • Real gargoyles appear in Scooby-Doo! First Frights.

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