Resident Evil- The Darkside Chronicles OST - G Adult Body
"G" refers to a type of irregular mutant that appears in the Resident Evil video games. These creatures are products of the G-virus, a highly unstable mutagen created by Umbrella scientist William Birkin.

G mutationsEdit

G embryoEdit

G embryos appear as hand-sized pink creatures that look somewhat like tadpoles. They are spawned by G-adults and are normally implanted via a victim's mouth. They cannot survive long on their own, but they will grow rapidly within a host, reaching a suitable level of maturation in mere minutes. If the victim is of a blood type similar enough to the implanter, it will be doomed to become an adult G similar to the original. This is believed to only occur with subjects that share genetic bonds (family members; parent and offspring or siblings). Incompatible hosts are killed by their parasites, which eat their way out of their hosts and then quickly grow into adulthood.

G adults (incompatible)Edit

Adult G creatures born from unsuitable hosts will grow to adulthood rapidly after discarding their hosts, taking a grotesque shape with abnormal features. The final shape they take is not always the same with each subject, but the mutation stops at a certain point and does not continuously alter itself unlike first-generation G's. Incompatible G adults also do not possess the same level of regenerative ability that first-generation subjects do. They do, however, all share one feature found on all G-types: the appearance of a large eye forming on a random part of the body. While not on the same level as first-generation G's, these creatures are still extremely dangerous and possess great brute strength as well as the ability to spit poisonous fluids at prey and spawn new G embryos. All incompatible G adults encountered so far have developed excess body mass that hindered their movements, making them easy to evade so long as they are not fought in enclosed spaces.

First-generation G adultsEdit

First-generation G's are subjects that have either been directly injected with pure G-virus or share blood-ties with someone who has been injected. These G subjects gain an incredible degree of regenerative ability and will mutate constantly, their bodies changing shape regularly (time between transformations varies with different subjects and their circumstances). Only two first-generation G subjects are known to have existed: William Birkin - creator of the G-virus - and Curtis Miller, an anti-bioterror activist.

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