DR Map 2
Fortune City is the setting of the video game Dead Rising 2. Not an actual city, it is a Las Vegas-themed amusement resort, filled with numerous attractions such as shopping venues, casinos, clubs, restaurants and an amusement park. The resort was also chosen as the venue for a controversial pay-per-view game show known as Terror Is Reality, where contenders attempt to win large quantities of cash by slaying Zombies.


In 2010, five years after the Willamette Outbreak, Fortune City faced destruction following a similar zombie incident. Phenotrans, the pharmaceutical corporation responsible for developing the anti-zombification drug Zombrex, had intentionally caused the outbreak for the purpose of producing and gathering more "Queen" samples of the Ampulex Compressa Giganteus parasite which would allow them to continue manufacturing the drug. Their scheme was discovered by Chuck Greene, a former Motocross champion and a survivor of the outbreak, who discovered a secret Phenotrans facility beneath the resort and succeeded in his efforts to shut it down. However, Phenotrans had numerous political ties and extensive financial reserves, allowing them to successfully cover up or destroy all evidence of their involvement. 

Though the US Military moved in to Fortune City for clean-up, Phenotrans' operations led to the emergence of a new mutated type of zombie, far more ferocious and stronger than before. The military's attempts to sanitize Fortune City failed and the US Government was forced to firebomb the resort, destroying it and all traces of the infection.

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