A Lying Figure in the Fog World (Silent Hill 2)

The Fog World, also known as the Misty World, is one of the three dimensions of the cursed town of Silent Hill, alongside the Real World and Otherworld. The process by which an individual passes into the Fog World from the Real World is not often touched upon in the series, but each time it occurs, it is typically depicted as a gradual transition, with most characters not even realising that something is amiss until their first encounter with one of the town's inhuman "locals".


In the games, the Fog World appears to be an almost exact copy of its Real World counterpart, except that it is perpetually shrouded in a thick fog and seems almost completely uninhabited. The fog usually tends to be white or light-greyish in color, although in Silent Hill: Homecoming and Downpour, the fog has a much darker tinge, similar to smoke.

While the Fog World is considerably less macabre than the Otherworld, it is still a hostile environment, partially due to the monsters that roam freely. The various localations in the Fog World appear to be in a constant state of disrepair and almost completely deserted, with the exception of the town's monsters and a handful of individuals. Bloodied corpses and wrecked cars are fairly common sights in this dimension. Its roads often drop off into deep abysses, which prevent any means of escape for its inhabitants.

In some cases, there is a difference to the weather in the Fog World. In the original Silent Hill and its reimagining, Shattered Memories, snow appears to fall, while in the film and Silent Hill: Homecoming, ashes fall from the sky and in Silent Hill: Downpour, heavy rain becomes a common occurrence, instead.

The Fog World is often constructed like a labyrinth, with many normal doors inexplicably jammed or with broken locks, that prevent passage. Also, many doors are locked with their keys hidden in bizarre places (in Silent Hill 3, for example, the key to Elberton Life Insurance can be found inside a soda can from a vending machine). The Fog World can also expand into nearby towns, such as Shepherd's Glen in Homecoming, in order to punish certain people involved with the history of Silent Hill.

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