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Dr. Ned (who is jokingly referred to as "totally not Dr. Zed in disguise") is the primary antagonist of the Borderlands DLC The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. It was Ned who created the zombies in the game, as part of a failed attempt to revive dead workers. He was revived a total of three times: once in his undead form and twice during the Clap-Trap Revolution, in both his human and undead forms.


Dr. Ned was hired by the Jakobs Corporation to provide medical care to Jakobs employees living in Jakobs Cove.Sometime after being hired by the Jakobs Corporation, Dr. Ned decided to experiment with reanimating dead workers with his assistant, Bill. In some part of this experiment, Bill was killed and eaten by one of the zombies. A new assistant, Frank, came as a temporary replacement, but then was also killed. From the remains of the two, he created a creature referred to as Frank'n'Bill

At some point during his experiments, the zombies became more ravenous for flesh, compared to their ordinary diet of bran muffins and raisins. Ned saw this as an opportunity to turn the entire workforce of Jakobs Cove into an undead army. He distributed poison in the form of pills at the workers' annual checkups, infecting 97% of the employees. The sick workers then went to Dr. Ned, who then reanimated them as zombies.

Possibly seeing a money-making opportunity, Ned decided to create an antidote for the zombie epidemic based on Skag DNA. Unfortunately, the antidote was a failure, and only turned the users into Wereskags, which Ned then added to his army.

With Jakobs Cove abandoned and all its inhabitants killed and reanimated, Ned sat back and watched as warrior after warrior tried and failed to defeat the undead horde. This continued until the original Vault Hunters, fresh from their victory over the creature that guarded the Vault, discovered and put an end to his plan.

Some time after his death, CL4P-TP, more commonly referred to as Clap-Trap, turned rouge after an order by the Hyperion Corporation to kill the Vault Hunters was misinterpretted as the death or assimilitation of all organic life on Pandora, took Dr. Ned's remains. Clap-Trap experimented on Ned's corpse, transforming him into what was known as the "Dr Ned-Trap." However, Ned-Trap was killed once again by the Vault Hunters, who proceeded to reprogram Clap-Trap to his less homicidal original self, thereby stopping him from bringing back Ned a third time.


Human FormEdit

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While he was alive, Ned would attempt to kill the Vault Hunters, indirectly at first, then in a battle at the Jakob's Cove Lumber Mill. During this battle, he fought with an Hyperion RF-440 Relentless Bruiser sub-machine gun. When he was killed, his Undead form escaped to a bloody lake underneath the Mill.

Undead FormEdit

Ned's undead form is a grotesque monstrosity, with his arms extending to at least double their usual length, his bones doubling in size and breaking through his skin in multiple places and his skin itself having been ripped open at the front, exposing his ribs and what little remains of his organs. Also, his comical fake mustache has changed as well, becoming more pointed than before.

In this form, he would use his claw-like hands to tear apart
any in his way. He would also launch unknown projectiles (possibly bone fragments) at his foes and summon up forces of the undead in an attempt to kill them.


Some time after the Robo-lution had begun, Clap-Trap brought Dr. Ned back to life, He was encountered by the Vault Hunters, who'd been hired by the Hyperion Corporation to fix their mistake, rolling out of a garbage container outside a factory important to the Clap-Trap war machine, after having been "upgraded" to serve as one of many cyborg members of the revolutionary army. He proceeded to attack the Vault Hunters with the first gun he could find, but was again defeated.


As the Vault Hunters made their way to the final fight with Clap-Trap, now the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Clap-Trap (or INAC for short), they encountered the cybernetic forms of three opponents from their past. One of these was Dr. Ned who, after his defeat outside the factory, had shifted to his undead form again. Thanks to his new place amongst the armies of the Robo-lution, Ned's form is less decayed, instead having large chunks of it replaced by metal. However, without his undead horde, he is unable to summon them to assist him. Instead, waves of suicidal Kamikaze Clap-Traps would rush the Vault Hunters at specific points, in an attempt to kill or weaken them for Ned. He was once more killed, much to the dismay of the INAC.

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