Dark Ones
Dark one
General Information
Name Dark Ones
Other Names Чёрные (Blacks), Homo Novus (New Man)
Origin Metro 2033 (novel)
Location/Habitat Botanical Gardens, Moscow Ruins, Russia
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Telepathy
Psychic Creature Yes
Abilities Shadow Walk, Dark One Vision, Personality sensing, Memory exchange, Telepathy, Illusion Generation, Radiation Immunity
Threat Level Low Threat

The Dark Ones, known as "Чёрные" (Blacks) in the original Russian, are a race of highly intelligent humanoids in the novel/video game Metro 2033. They were the next stage in human evolution, until Artyom, the hero of the series, fired nuclear missiles at their home in the botanical gardens to save his home station from the supposed "threat" they posed, only later learning that they were peaceful.


Dark Ones, being descended from humans, have a basic humanoid form, unlike most mutants in the series. they have long, thin arms and legs, large hands with long fingers. They possess no facial features besides a pair of eyes, relying instead on telepathy to communicate. Their skin is a dark ash-grey colour, much like other mutants in the series.


When the bombs fell in 2013, those in Moscow who weren't in the Metro when the bombs hit but didn't die were mutated into the Dark Ones. They lost all abilities to manipulate technology, but gained telepathy and the ability to survive in the radioactive ruins of Moscow, prefering the hive-like nest they created at the Botanicheskiy Sad (Botanical Gardens) metro station. There, they lived in peace until the day Artyom and three of his friends snuck out of their home station with a shotgun and went exploring. They opened a door here which allowed the Dark Ones to enter the metro. In 2033, Artyom would leave the station of VDNKh in the novel or Exhibition in the game, trying to find help in Polis, a city made up of four connected stations. The Dark Ones would try and persuade him to help them throughout his journey, although he'd never realise it. When he made it to Polis, he found out that they couldn't help his home. With the help of members of the Stalkers (novel) or Rangers (game), he made his way through the Moscow State Library and the creatures that lived there, and activated an old missile silo in D6, part of a secret metro accessible only to members of the Russian government and military before the bombs. He then climbed to the top of Ostakino Tower, one of the few surviving buildings with a view of the Botanical Gardens, set up a laser targeting system and those in the D6 silo fired the missiles at the Dark Ones' nest. Before the missiles hit, the Dark Ones showed him more visions of the future they'd planned, where he, as their ambassador, would be responsible for leading humanity back to the surface, but it was too late. They were destroyed by the missiles by the time he realised.

During the events of Metro: Last Light, it is revealed that a Dark One child survived. During the game's bad ending, the Dark One ends up being the only survivor of its species as D6 is destroyed, while during the good ending, more are revealed to have been hibernating in D6, bringing the species back from the brink of extinction.


  • Shadow Walk - The Dark Ones can change into a puff of black smoke, allowing them to teleport a short distance.
  • Dark One Vision - While using this, the Dark Ones can see through solid objects and identify enemies. This ability can be used by the Dark Ones on those they consider friends, allowing them to see their enemies as well. It also shows weak points of certain enemies.
    • Personality sensing - This secondary function of the Dark One Vision shows one attitude towards the user or one affected by the Dark One Vision. Friendly dispositions appear as silhouettes with green lines, the lines representing the nervous system, neutrals appear as yellow lines and enemies appear as red lines.
  • Memory exchange - By touching anyone, the Dark One can either take over or give back memories.
  • Telepathy - The Dark Ones used telepathy to communicate. However, most humans were driven insane or killed when they tried to talk to them in the novels. In the games, any human can survive the telepathy so long as the Dark One is touching them. Interestingly, the Dark Ones don't need to touch Artyom to communicate with him, and he won't go insane as a result.
  • Illusion Generation - The Dark Ones are able to create telepathic illusions to disguise themselves around humans. An example can be seen in the Baby Dark One from Metro: Last Light, who disguises himself as a human child to avoid suspicion whilst in the city-station of Polis.
  • Radiation Immunity - The Dark Ones can survive in the ruins of Moscow without suffering any ill effects from the radiation. It is believed that they actually thrive off the radiation.


  • Fragile bodies - Five .44 Magnum rounds, fired from the metro-built revolver, can easily kill a full-grown Dark One. Most mutants in the series would take a full clip, at the very least (assuming one doesn't aim for the head).
  • Technologically impaired - Dark Ones cannot use technology of any kind.

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