General Information
Name Daemonette
Other Names Maiden of Ecstacy
Origin Warhammer
Location/Habitat The Warp (Warhammer 40,000)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sentient Yes
Language Unknown
Magic User Yes (Heralds only)
Psychic Creature Yes (Heralds only)

The Daemonettes are the most numerous of Slaanesh's daemonic servants. Outside of battle, they can be found in the Palace of Pleasure, Slaanesh's realm outside the material world. Here, they serve the Dark Prince as courtiers and courtesans. They also serve as Slaanesh's warriors, tearing apart anything he finds repugnant, unsubtle or crude in favour of bloody and artistic destruction.

In battle, Daemonettes can be seen dancing between their victims, claws lashing out to tear the unlucky apart, while they sing a siren-song in praise of their lord. Even in the heat of battle, they smile in secret ecstacy, delighting in the raw waves of emotion emanating from their enemies.


Daemonettes appear as pale purple-skinned humanoids with one breast on their right. This is because, like all Slaaneshi daemons, Daemonettes are hermaphrodites. Their arms end in long claws capable of tearing a person apart, their feet are more reptilian in nature, and they have jet-black hair. Whilst such a form is considered to be there "true" form, most who fall victim to a daemonette will instead see a lover or another whom they desire, the truth behind the daemon's deception only becoming apparent in the final moments before the victim's inevitable demise.



Alluresses are the commanders of a Daemonette unit, akin to a sergeant in human forces. They are respected and powerful Daemonettes, though not as much as the Heralds. The most powerful of Alluresses become either Heartseekers, who command units of Seekers, or Exalted Alluresses, who ride into battle on Seeker Chariots and the feared Hellflayer Chariots.

Heralds of SlaaneshEdit

The Heralds of Slaanesh are the generals of Slaanesh's armies. Although this honour usually falls to either Daemon Princes or Greater Daemons in the armies of the other gods, all Slaanesh's other daemons are killing machines, with no chance of come within five steps of his throne room. Daemonettes, however, are both his warriors and his court, and as such have equal power in Slaanesh's court as Bloodthirsters, Lords of Change and Great Unclean Ones have in their respective god's court. Heralds are also the only Daemonettes to possess magical (WHFB) or psychic abilities (WH40K).


Seekers are the daemonic cavalry of Slaanesh. Riding swift daemons known as Steeds of Slaanesh into battle, they can track a man from a mile away based on the victim's emotions. Once the target is cornered, the Steed's tongue will dart at the victim, dragging him or her towards the Seeker, where the rider's claws wait for them. Some Seekers use their mounts instead to pull Seeker Chariots for a powerful Alluress who has gained favour with the Dark Prince, or a Hellflayer Chariot, also for an Exalted Alluress, designed to rip and tear their enemies apart in it's charge.

Infamous DaemonettesEdit

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