Collar of Khorne
A Collar of Khorne is a Chaos artefact granted only to those favoured by Khorne. Said to be forged from the Blood God's own rage and hatred of all psykers, Collars of Khorne are gifted only to those that have given their lives to the Blood God. These brass collars, cruelly spiked and engraved with the sigils of the Blood God, are worn around the neck. Each protects the wearer from both sorcery and psychic powers, and once attached, they can never be removed as long as the champion lives. Khorne's daemonic Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters wear them, though when slain their collars return to their furious master. On rare occasions, a Collar is stolen from a fallen warrior, and these unattached collars are highly desired by those who have not yet received Khorne's attention and attained one for themselves.

Exceptional mortal champions of Chaos, namely those that follow Khorne, are sometimes granted a Collar of Khorne by the Blood God to ensure no mage or psyker will defeat them with their eldritch abilities. In the case of mortals, the favour of the Blood God does not always manifest as a physical collar. For example, Khârn the Betrayer, the most favoured of Khorne's mortal servants in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, is utterly immune to any psychic power, yet his neck remains unadorned.

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