Cloud Gate is the current Japanese headquarters of Cronos in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. Established some time after X-Day, these joined towers serve as the centre of government in Japan during the new world order. The building stands within the Shinjuku district of Tokyo and was initially presided over by the Zoalord Friedrich von Purgstall before he was killed by his former colleagues Jabir, Cabraal and Krumegnic.

Within Cloud Gate, Cronos manages all of its operations throughout the Asian continent. In the vicinity of the twin towers is a Zoanoid processing facility that is open to the public.

Cloud Gate has twice been attacked by Guyver-I and his allies and was almost destroyed during the battle between the Gigantic Exceed and Draglord Khan. It remains standing, though the rest of Shinjuku was reduced to flattened ruins during the battle.

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