In the Friday the 13th films, Camp Crystal Lake is a summer camp located in Sussex County, New Jersey USA. Established in 1935, the camp was generally a fun and peaceful area until it was shut down in 1958, following the murder of some of its couselors by Pamela Voorhees, a woman who had been hired as a cook at the camp. Pamela's special-needs son Jason had drowned in the lake while the counselors did nothing to help him, causing Pamela to become homicidal and deranged. Numerous attempts were made over the following years to re-open the camp, but Pamela continued killing anyone who set foot in the area. Even after Pamela was killed in 1979, attempts to re-open Camp Crystal Lake all ended unsuccessfully and violently as Jason, Pamela's son who had somehow returned to life as an undead monstrosity, continued to honour his mother's last insane wish and kill anyone who trespassed on the camp grounds. Jason has remained on the camp grounds ever since, continuing to murder all those who enter his domain.

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