The "Big Red Thing" is a bulky red monster from The Trap Door. It has appeared in various episodes, most notably the first and last ones of the series. The Red Thing is a perpetually angry brute with giant hands, each one almost as big as its body. It has occasionally forced its way out of The Trap Door and terrorized Berk and his friends.

In the series' final episode "The Big Red Thing", the Big Red Thing got into a fight with Rog out on the hills beyond the castle. Berk, Boni and Drutt watched the two creatures fight from a safe distance and were shocked to see Rog get knocked down and apparently killed by the Red Thing. As it turned out, Rog had only been knocked unconscious for a while, but the Red Thing had wandered off after the fight. As Berk and the others are wondering what happened to it, the Red Thing suddenly jumps up behind them and roars, and that's where the episode - and the series - ends.

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