Berk is the main protagonist of the classic British children's show, The Trap Door. He is a friendly blue creature who lives in the cellar of a castle located in the Dark and Nasty Regions where nobody goes. Berk lives with his friend Boni, an old talking skull, and his mischievous pet Drutt. He spends his days cooking, cleaning and performing odd-jobs for his master, The Thing Upstairs, a perpetually grumpy beast who is master of the castle.

On a regular basis, Berk and his friends are forced to endure much less friendly creatures emerging from the trap door in the cellar.

List of Berk quotesEdit

"Hullo!" - Berk's cheerful greeting in The Trap Door intro

"Cor, sniff that!"

"Oh globbits!" - Berk's regular exclamation whenever something bad happens

"Right, it's bonking time. I luvs a bit o' bonking!" - From the episode Slither, Wriggle and Writhe when Berk beats up a tentacled monster with a plank of wood.

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