Basilisk aldrovandi

A classic depiction of a basilisk

The basilisk is said to be a deadly magical reptile described as the "king of serpents" in European legends. Being described as a serpent in most texts, it is generally accepted to be some kind of snake, though several descriptions and images of the basilisk reveal that the creature has eight legs.

Part of the reason the basilisk is referred to as "king of serpents" is the crown-shaped crest it supposedly sports atop its head. It may also be known as a "king" out of fear. Basilisks supposedly have the ability to kill any creature instantly with a glance. Anyone that looks a basilisk directly in the eye will immediately keel over dead. As well as its deadly stare, basilisks supposedly ooze venom from their bodies and leave a trail of it wherever they go. Basilisk territory can be readily identified by dead animals and plants surrounding its lair, killed off by the creature's potent venom.

Supposedly, the basilisk's weakness is the odour of the common weasel. It seems that the stench of weasel urine is fatal to the basilisk.

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