An artist's rendition of BOB

The Brutal Obscene Beast or BOB for short, is a grey-skinned humanoid creature with no arms. The creature originated in a creepypasta story about a guy who goes out for a late-night jog. He sees a person limping in the distance. As he goes to help the person, he notices the grey skin and lack of both clothing and arms. He runs from this weasing monster and hopes that it didn't follow him home. Sadly, it did, because the next day, he saw the creature outside his house standing over his dog. It grinned at him then proceeded to pee on the dog. The urine left the creature smelling of sulphur. He took his dog to the vet some time later. When he got home, he saw the creature waiting for him outside his house. He tried to run it down, but it jumped over his car and sprinted into the woods. He thought he was safe.


The deviantART member russias-crazy-fangir posted a follow up of the story. In it, the person, now known as Andrew is attacked in his house. The creature is described as '... strangely more agile than it looks, especially considering how clumsily it runs away.' He hits BOB in the chest with a titanium baseball bat, but is kicked in the chest shortly afterwards. The creature then breaks his shin, shoves its foot into his stomach and tore apart his incapacitated body with its jaws, using the foot lodged in his stomach to support itself, eating what it took and then leaving once it had ate its full.

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