Apokolips is a well-known location in the DC Comics universe. It is a planet completely covered by cityscapes - an ecumenopolis - and a series of tremendous firepits so vast that they can be seen from beyond orbit. This infernal world is one of two planets populated by the New Gods, a race of celestial beings who came into existence following the destruction of the Old Gods and their world of Urgrund. Apokolips is ruled by the demonic tyrant Darkseid who endlessly builds up his war machine in order to conquer the universe.

Apokolips is a center of pure negativity, a physical manifestation of evil. Its society is built on suffering and despair and the planet is inhabited by many nightmarish creatures bred by Darkseid to serve his ambitions.

Known InhabitantsEdit



  • Hunger Dogs - Humanoid inhabitants of Apokolips and the lowest order of society on the planet, appearing as ragged, impoverished peasants.
  • Parademons - Engineered foot-soldiers of Darkseid's armies.

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