Dr. Alfredo Hekkaring is an ex-Cronos scientist in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. Within Cronos, he was regarded as one of their top scientists, second only to Dr. Hamilcar Barcas himself. As an un-optimized human, Hekkaring is afflicted by Cronos' "obedience" virus to ensure his loyalty to them. However, when Agito Makishima made his first attack on Cronos Headquarters, he abducted Dr. Hekkaring and recruited him into Zeus' Thunderbolt. Hekkaring was tasked with developing a new variety of Zoanoid that would follow Agito and Hekkaring was happy to help, if for nothing else than to beat Dr. Barcas at his own game and prove that even a normal human could best Cronos' leading scientist. Hekkaring succeeded in his task and developed both the Libertus and the proto-Zoalord Griselda.

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